Palawan 2016, Part 1: Puerto Princesa City Tour

Having been named as “The Most Beautiful Island in the World” by the CN Traveler, I was super excited to see the island. I’ve been wanting to go ever since so it’s timely that my cousin (who has been there twice before) invited us to come with her and it’s my graduation!

This is why I love seating next to the window!


It was drizzling when we landed but thank goodness it stopped before we started our tour of the city!


First stop: Plaza Cuartel. I was only half listening to our tour guide because I’m sleepy AF. After a quick search on the internet, I found out that this used to be a military camp for American and Filipino soldiers during World War II until there were invaded by Japanese soldiers. Then on December 14, 1944, around 150 soldiers were stuffed into a narrow tube and were lit on fire by the Japanese. How tragic!



In front of Plaza Cuartel is the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. Built in 1872 and was named after the Patron Saint of Puerto Princesa City, Immaculate Conception of Mary.

Crocodiles looks so cute until they increase in length and become ferocious creatures!


Next stop was the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, or formerly known as The Crocodile Farm and Nature Park. There is tour every 30 minutes. As you enter the main hall, you will be greeted by the skeleton and skin of Rio, a huge salt water crocodile who got killed after it attacked a person. The Conservation Center makes sure that the Philippine Crocodile does not go extinct. The tour takes you to where they hatch crocodiles, then you’ll go to where rescued crocodiles go. There were two crocodiles named Valentino and Valentina because they were rescued during Valentine’s day.

Mini photoshoot in the Nature Park

After the tour, you can go into the Nature Park. It was a “tour at your own risk” kind of thing because although the animals were caged, the bearcat was not! Thank God he was asleep.


Taken at the Mitra residences. Breathtaking view of the island!


The entrance to Baker’s Hill. According to our lovely tour guide, Jane, the owners change the display every 3 months! It started as a small bakeshop with a mini park, but now they got a theme park, a restaurant and a few animals. You’ve got to try their Ube hopia! It is the best hopia ever. On our last day, we went back here to buy pasalubong. We bought hopia (of course!),  chocolate droplets (a.k.a brownies, it tastes okay but not moist), crinkles (the ube flavor is not worth the try), and cinnamon bread (tastes okay but cinnamon enough).

Just one of the animals in Baker’s Hill

Grabbed this photo from my cousin. My nephew and I were on the overlooking deck while this happened, apparently.

Pretending to weave

Last stop was the Binuatan Creations. According to Ate Jane, the mothers who worked here are paid by the how long they weave. So the longer you weave, the more money you earn. I bought a wallet from their store so as to help them in a way. They actually make cute bags and wallets for an affordable price!

After being in Palawan for one day, I’ve already fallen in love with it!


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