Palawan 2016, Part 2: Underground River

No trip in Palawan is complete without seeing one of the new 7 wonders of nature, the Underground River or formally known as the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River.


Extra early call time as we still need to travel an hour to two hours before reaching Sabang, where the Underground River is located.



Before reaching to the actual site of the river, you have to take a 15-20 minute motor boat  ride. There are fees to paid but I’m not sure how much since it’s all part of our tour. The port for the boat ride is near Sheridan Palawan, so if you plan to stay there, just ask the concierge to hook you up a trip to the river.

All geared up!


The entrance 

Before loading the boat, you’ll be asked to wear a helmet for protection from falling bat poo. Also, do not remove your life jacket! Our bangkero, Kuya Chris, said that the river is about 30 to a 100m deep. Each passenger is given an audio device to be the guide for the whole 45 minute trip. But I suggest that you politely ask your bangkero to be your guide as they are more funny and they tell jokes! Tourists are only allowed with the the first kilometer, I think. Kuya Chris also told us that some parts of the cave are still left unexplored due to thinning oxygen levels. I don’t want to spoil what you’ll see inside but here’s what I’ll tell you: it’s amazing.

Elephant cave

We stopped by this cave just to take pictures. Apparently, Amazing Race Philippines and Ukraine have used this a stop. Unfortunately, it’s not yet open to the public so we can’t go in.

Twinning with Mom

On our way to El Nido, we stopped by Fort Santa Isabel in a city called Taytay. This is taken in front of the church there. No masses are being held there anymore, but if I remember correctly, weddings can still be held here. It has a great view of the ocean and you can see that Hollywood-esque sign of Taytay.


It happens to be my Aunt’s birthday so my cousin bought a Chocolate cake from Lea’s Bakeshop. The cake was so goooood. It wasn’t super moist but it still has that melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Ending this post with a rant about the place we stayed in. It was called Seaslugs Traveller’s Inn. The place is new and only has 7 rooms. It was generally clean and nice. But in the first room that we stayed in smells really bad. So we transferred into another room, where the bathroom lights don’t work. If we hadn’t told them they wouldn’t have changed it. On our last night, I accidentally locked our room thinking that my brother already has the key. So we ask them for a duplicate and guess what, they don’t have one! What kind of Inn does not have a duplicate of all their room keys?!


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