Palawan 2016, Part 3: Island Hopping at El Nido

When in El Nido, hop islands! There’s really nothing to do there anyway, unless your the stay in the resort type of traveler. I wasn’t feeling well because of the Tamilok I ate the day before but I won’t let a stomach ache ruin my vacation!

There are 3 or 4 tours that you can take when Island hopping. Just talk to your friendly bangkero what is the most efficient tour for your group for that day. Since the weather was cooperating, we were able to do Tours A and C. We went to 5 islands, I think. We weren’t able to go to the Secret Beach as the waves were a little harsh. My cousin, who has been there, said that it was sort of buwis-buhay to get there as you have to ride the waves to get in.

Semi-fail jump shot

First stop is the Hidden Beach. So called because the rock blocking the beach. Beware of the territorial fishes in the area. Their bites hurt!


Buwis-buhay shot at Matinloc Shrine

It was a bummer to know that we have to pay 100 pesos just to climb this limestone formation. It was a scary climb because one wrong move then you’ll be stabbed by sharp limestones. The view from up there was breathtaking though so I guess it was worth our 100 bucks. Our tour guide, Jerick, told us that the shrine was only a front for a treasure in the island. The said treasure was believed to be oil (my cousin says it’s gold!).

Feast prepared by our bangkeros and tour guide

Talisay beach is where you can snorkel while your bangkeros and tour guide prepares your lunch. There weren’t many fish to see underwater but it was a good way to pass time. Just be careful of the other boats while you snorkel. We were a group of 9 so they prepared lots of food like crabs, shrimps, unicorn fish, pork chops, stuffed squid, and etc. Too bad I wasn’t able to eat a lot because of stomach ache.

Why is my face so white?

We might have been unable to see the Secret Beach, but we did see the Secret Lagoon. There was really nothing to see there except the wall of limestone surrounding the lagoon. There was a crocodile head formation which I think was cool.

Fail shot of the cliche El Nido photo
Just keep paddling

First time to paddle boat and it was horrifying. I’m not the best paddler out there and the whole time I was just trying not to fall. This was in Small Lagoon, which you can enter through a small hole via a kayak, a paddle board, or swimming through.


My nephew and I were about to enter a small cave but I backed out because it was dark inside and there was a skull drawn on the rock (instant goosebumps)!

Nacpan Beach

We went here the next day and boy the beach was beautiful! It was early in the morning so we were the only tourists there. Had to walk the long coastline to get to the top of a hill.

Twin Beach

Out of all the beaches that we went to, this has to be my favorite. Aside from us being the only ones there, it was swim with waves crashing onto me.

I’m not a big fan going to beaches or staying out in the sun for too long. But how can you say no to the aquamarine waters of Palawan? It truly deserves to be named as the Most Beautiful Island in the World. It’s official, I’m in love with Palawan!


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