In The Mix

In the Mix is an indoor music festival featuring 6 artists: Twin Pines, Elle King, Third eye Blind, Panic! at the Disco, James Bay, and the 1975. It’s the first indoor music festival in Manila, I think. Anyway, I’m super excited when I heard that this was happening. James Bay already announced on his Facebook or Twitter that he was coming to Manila before the event was officially announced. I freaked out when I saw Panic! on the line up, I’m like “I have to see Brendon Urie!”

I purposely missed Twin Pines and Elle King only because I haven’t heard of them. Third Eye Blind came before Panic! so I caught their act. I’m not entirely familiar with them considering that they were formed 3 years before I was born, but I did enjoy their set. I just kinda felt bad for them because only a few of the audience knows who they are.

My only decent photo of P!ATD

Panic! at the Disco

I waited 9 years to see them live and it was worth it. My 10 year old self is happy. Their set was the most energetic and the one that I really enjoyed. They did 13 songs and 2 covers, one being Bohemian Rhapsody of course. I was sad that they didn’t sing Death of A Bachelor and Girls/Girls/Boys. My favorite part was when they sang I Write Sins. Everyone sang along; it was awesome! Really hoping that they would return soon, like next year soon.

CAN I JUST SAY HOW AWESOME BRENDON URIE IS? I know P!ATD is not only him, but I’ve had a crush on him ever since so just let me gush about him. He was fucking awesome and hot and cute and amazing. His vocal range is just … wow! And his little dance moves are so adorable. He moved a lot, like really a lot.He did like at least 3 back flips! Of course, it wouldn’t be a P!ATD concert without Brendon taking his shirt off. I swear everyone screamed when he did!

Also, I just created a playlist of their set and I’m listening to it as I write this.


James Bay

I’ve only listened to James Bay after his Grammy performance with Tori Kelly. I loved his music instantly because it sounds so relaxing and chill, and who doesn’t love acoustic songs? He sounds better than he does in his album! Those kind of artists are rare nowadays. The audience didn’t really sang along with him except for choruses and for Let It Go. I was hoping he’d sing Incomplete and Scars but he didn’t. I wonder who got his PH jacket. He should’ve kept it, though.

Too blurry!

The 1975

Not really a fan of The 1975 but boy, they were awesome! They are one of those bands that you appreciate more when you see them live rather than when you just listen to their album. Now I regret not listening to their albums prior to the concert. They sang most songs from their second album and I’m loved the sound of it so I promise to give it a listen. The crowd just went wild when they come out. I would say that most of the audience are only there for them.

They have the prettiest set amongst the artists. It’s so hipster, very instagrammable. Love the graphics that went with their songs. The lighting is on point, as well as their outfits! They look so sharp and neat while performing, probably because their English!

Can’t wait for Panic! to come back and do a headline show!


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