Battle of the FroYo: BLK 513 vs Llao Llao

It was more than 5 years ago when the Frozen Yogurt or FroYo craze has taken over the Philippines. There was a FroYo shop everywhere and there were crazy lines in each shops! Now, although some of these shops are still open, the demand has gone down and people weren’t as crazy for them as they used to.

Well, I’m the opposite. I’ve recently been addicted to frozen yogurt and I crave for it almost every day! There are 2 new FroYo shops that recently opened in Manila and of course, I just have to try them both.

BLK 513


The difference between BLK 513 and other FroYo shops out there is that they use activated charcoal-enhanced Greek yogurt. It’s gluten-free and is low-calorie; perfect for health conscious people! You can have your yogurt in a cup for P185 or in a cone for P170. I chose the cup because eating in a cone is not really my forte. It’s actually worth the price because for P185, you get the yogurt (of course!), 2 fruits, 1 crunch, and a sauce. There are actually a lot of fruits, crunches, and sauces to choose from. You can opt to create your own cup or choose from their existing menu. I chose to create my own because why not. I chose oreo pie, mango, kiwi, and chocolate sauce. Honestly, it tastes the same as regular yogurt. It’s just that it’s bluish gray in color. A little heads up, it will stain you mouth. But don’t worry, just drink water to wash the color away!

BLK 513 is located at 2/F SM Megamall Building A.

Llao Llao

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If you’ve been to Spain or live there, then Llao Llao needs no introduction. Llao Llao originated from Spain, but they currently have shops around the world. It only opened here in Manila around 2 weeks ago, I guess. Their yogurt is made from skimmed milk and claims to only use natural ingredients. I was eager to try it because frozen yogurt!!! They actually offer a lot on their menu, but their bestseller is their Sanum (P199). With Sanum, you get to choose 2 crunches, 3 fruits, and a sauce. For my first ever cup of Sanum, I chose strawberry, kiwi, dragonfruit, Lotus crunch, oreo, and dark chocolate sauce. I honestly don’t like the sauce because it freezes over the yogurt. But other than that, I think this is more worth it that BLK 513.

Llao Llao is located at G/F Glorietta 2 Main Entrance and at G/F SM Mall of Asia Main Mall (in front of Tim Ho Wan).

For this battle, I call it a draw! They are both worth the try and your money. It’s just a matter of if there is a branch near where you live or work!


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