Manila International Book Fair 2016


Today is the first day of the annual Manila International Book Fair. As a book lover, of course, I have to be there. I chose to go on the first day because I figured there will only be a few people present, but I  was wrong! I even heard a girl telling her friend that she skipped class just to attend the first day. All books are sold at a 20% discount so most are hoarding, like push cart filled with books kind of hoarding! There are also a lot happening besides the book sales, like book launches and signings.

I didn’t look around as much as I did last year because I already know what books I would buy, and also I’m on a Php 2000 budget! It was a bit of a tight budget but it bought me 6 books; I got 11 books last year!

This year’s MIBF haul!

So this was my Php 2000! I actually put around 10 books on my basket and I just decided while on the line what books do I really, really want. The Little Prince was a sort of a wrong purchase because it got in between two books and the cashier had already scanned it so there. Now, I just need the will and time to read all these plus the books on my to-read list.

The fair runs until Sunday, so you still got plenty of time to go. I actually restrained myself from buying any books since last year because I was waiting for this! I will now save up for next year, hopefully then I have saved enough to buy that hardbound Harry Potter book set I’ve always wanted!


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