Mystery Manila and Mini Hike

It’s been a year since we graduated and we haven’t really seen each other much, so my friends and I decided to hang out one Saturday. I’m actually the pasimuno of this hang out sesh because I just really want to get out of the house on a weekend.

None of us have tried Mystery Manila so everyone was on board when I suggested it. We went on the one in Century City Mall so we could have lunch in Hole in the Wall first. If you haven’t tried eating at Hole in the Wall, I would say that the prices are a bit steep (each store charges 6-8% service fee) but the food is okay. Anyway, we chose the X-Men related room, and sadly we failed. But it wasn’t completely our fault; there was a missing picture that was apparently important for us to escape the room!




Afterwards, we went to UST for some nostalgia. Kidding, we (and by we, I mean I) just want to eat at Dimsum Treats. You know the saying that goes, “Ang estudyaneng gipit, sa siomai kumakapit.” Well, most thomasians hold onto Dimsum Treats. I mean for only P45, you get 4 big pieces of siomai and a big cup of rice! It’s best when eaten with lots of chili.



The next day, Lora and I joined Rotaract Central on their community development project at San Martin, Tarlac. Some decided to go on a hike to see the falls, and I, of course, didn’t come because I wasn’t up for a hike and converse isn’t really made for hiking. There were 3 of us who didn’t come, but we decided to do a mini hike that our shoes can handle.


And that’s how my most ganap weekend ends.

Also, I’ve been trying to get my writing mojo back. I’ll try to post at least twice a week just to keep this blog alive.


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